Even though mortgage brokers are the preferred option for many Canadians, their services remain a secret to many people. I chose this profession to help people own a home with the best financing options available and all with NO COST to my clients. Here is how I can help you:

Mortgage brokers save you time

You may be thinking that your best option is to simply stay with your existing financial institution because you don’t have time to shop around. That thinking costs people lots of money, even in the short run. I save you time because I already know what is available across the market and can present you with the best options for your individual needs.

Mortgage brokers save you money

If you worry that you may not get the best rate then you are not alone. Not only do most people feel uncomfortable being a negotiator, most also recognize they have limited power to get the best deal. Alberta Mortgages has long established relationships with lenders who are willing to provide top rates in the market.

Mortgage brokers give you peace of mind

Even an experienced homeowner can have some anxiety when it comes to making a significant financial decision. I put your financing interests at the forefront so you can rest assured knowing we have the best solutions for your needs.

Mortgage brokers help you avoid bad decisions

The fine print can really make a big difference. I can help you understand the merits of fixed or variable rates, long or short terms, and important flexibilities such as prepayment privileges. My goal is to help you avoid a bad decision by being informed.

Mortgage brokers give you choice

Imagine a world where there was no competition. The power would be with the seller and not you the buyer. I accentuate the benefits of competition through access to dozens of lenders, including those that deal exclusively with mortgage brokers, and therefore can present the best combination of interest rates and terms for your situation.

Next time you or someone important to you is in need of professional home financing advice, please remember that what I offer is no longer a secret and I would love to help.


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