What is My House Worth?

House Value Request

The Real Estate Markets in Canada are prone to fluctuations as economic conditions change. The markets can vary dramatically from region to region, city to city, and neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are considering selling your home, or refinancing for a debt consolidation getting an accurate assessment of your home’s value is always the best place to start.

You can estimate the value of your home by contacting you local Real Estate Board and requesting data on homes in your area. Often finding 3 recent sales of homes in your neighborhood and determining the average sales prices per square foot is a good guide. If you multiply the average sales price per square foot of homes selling in your neighborhood by the square footage (above grade) of your house, you can usually come to a value within the relative range.

Many variables will factor into the appraised value of your home. We can help you arrange for an independent appraisal of your home by an Canadian Accredited Appraiser which will be acceptable to lending institutions for mortgage and financing purposes.

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