Residential Mortgage

Residential Mortgage

Calgary Residential Mortgages

Every year, Alberta Mortgages helps more than 500 Alberta based clients obtain the very best residential mortgage for their circumstances every year in every major city and all corners of province, both urban and rural. We work with banks, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage investment corporations, as well as private lenders, and work very hard to stay current with all their various product offerings, so we can provide current and knowledgeable advice on your residential mortgage. Whether you are a first time buyer, or a seasoned veteran of the Alberta real estate market or somewhere in between, we will be able to help.

We can assist on your purchase, mortgage refinance, or mortgage renewal. The mortgage market is ever changing, it is always important to obtain unbiased advice when dealing with what is for most people the largest financial commitment they will make in their lifetime. In most cases we can obtain an approval and commitment letter within 24 hours, and we are always available evenings and weekends, we are ready when you are!

The first step is to simply go to our online application, and complete it, you will get an instant message confirming we have received it, and we will follow up with you generally within the next 2 hours during business hours, and within 1 day on evening and weekends.

For a Purchase

The documentation you will be expected to provide is as follows:

  • The Purchase Contract and MLS Listing or MLS number
  • An Employment Letter from your employer confirming you salary, tenure, and that you are not on probation
  • Two recent paystubs
  • Proof of your downpayment, by way of 3 months Banks Statements, Investment Statements or RRSP/TFSA.
  • If your downpayment is coming by way of a gift from a family member you will need a letter confirming the gift, such as the Gift Letter here
  • Name, Address, Phone, and Fax Number for the Solicitor that will be handling your purchase (please note we can refer a qualified real estate lawyer in all areas of Alberta if you require)
  • If you are self-employed, your most recent Notice of Assessments from CRA for the past two years

 For a Refinance

  • A copy of your last mortgage statement from your current lender
  • Employment Documentation as above

For A Renewal

  • The offer to renew from your current lender

For your convenience you can e-mail these documents to us at